Legal Entity of Public Law “Service Agency of the Ministry of Finance of Georgia” provides:

 Disposal of seized property owned by the state;
  •  Disposal of movable property transferred to ownership of the state authority/legal entity of public law or movable property on the balance of the state;
  •  Support disposal of  the property owned by individuals and legal entities;
  •  Registration of strict accounting forms, examination-utilization.
  •  Evaluation of the property seized to the state or the property transferred to agency for disposal;
Electronic Auction

It was created the electronic auction system eauction.ge, by the initiative of Service Agency of Ministry of Finance, along with the Financial Analytical Service and from March of 2010 started realization of movable property seized to the state, by this form. Now public auctions and related problems are in the past. As a result of the simplified regime, the bureaucratic procedures have been reduced to a minimum.

Reforms turned out to be quite productive; the population quickly gets to grips with new and simple system. Since 2011 all state agencies and property management and property management portals has joined the agency's web page and the property will be managed through the Agency's web page.
www.eauction.ge has become universal portal, which united all kinds of property sale / privatization in one space. Web site has become very popular and highly rated in short time; After the state structures, individuals and legal persons had joined and started to movable and immovable property buy - sell  through www.eauction.ge.

Nowadays, anyone can   buy both, state and private-owned movable and immovable property in comfortable environment, without leaving home or office.

This is flexible system of auction. It is possible any one of you to become the user of auction. Join us and take part in the e-auction e from any place of the world!
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